Deb Komitor

Deb Komitor developed her love of the deep woods while growing up in Ohio. After studying painting at Columbus College of Art and Design she came to Colorado to receive her MFA at Colorado State University. It was there that she realized she had found her heart's home in the mountains. In 1996 she moved to Colorado Springs.

A constant thread throughout her art career has been expressing the emotions conveyed in nature. One feels the energy in each brushstroke as her paintings evoke both the force and serenity in nature. You are not just drawn into Komitors paintings; they come out and get you.

Her decision to portray these works in an almost pixelated fashion asks the viewer to take a step back in order to see her works fully realized. This, in turn, draws you in and keeps you there while her warm interpretations make you stay and take in the details. Her paintings seem alive.

“I want my paintings to bring the viewer back to nature. I want them to slow your breath, clear your mind, and ease you into quiet peace.”Komitors’ paintings can be found in many corporate and private collections across the country. Along the Front Range you can find her work included in the collections of Memorial Hospital, Colorado Business Bank, Children’s Hospital at Memorial Hospital, Banner Ft. Collins Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Denver, Wheatridge Medical Center, Denver Children’s Hospital, and Visit Denver. 

Publications include Southwest Art Magazine June 2016, August 2015, May 2014 & 2015; In Honor Of My Father, A daughter’s journey in Art and Words; For the Love of Trees, A catalog of paintings and Musings.