Francis Mesaros Panture® Paintings


A Pancture® Painting can only be created with a focus combined with rhythm. Therefore once a Pancture® is begun, Francis Mesaros will not stop until it's complete. If he leaves the work, his energy will shift and the rhythm of the Pancture® will show interruption. A loyalty to the progress of the work must be impeccable. “Focus is all we have in life—where we spend our time and to what degree of loyalty.”

Composed of thousands of crescent-shaped wedges of oil paint, Pancture® Paintings contemplate the eternal theme of sea and sky. Reflections are also what Pancture Paintings are all about. Mesaros uses his seascapes both to mirror and induce a reflective state of mind. Pancture® Paintings cannot be reproduced as a lithograph or serigraph. Each Pancture® remains original in the world marketplace. A Pancture® Painting is to be considered definitive investment art. History teaches us a new art form is exactly that. The motivation is simple; “I am not painting for money, I am working for my life's worth. To die having lived for all the right reasons.”

The United States Government acknowledges this unprecedented art technique with the award of a patent to Mesaros. Pancture® is trademarked and now patented as of July 21, 2015.

Mesaros began painting at age thirteen. Now, nearly 45 years later, his place in history and his patent are secured. The art visionary and pioneer has plans for a Mesaros Pancture® Paintings nationwide tour.