Jeff Price

Jeff Price Art Glass Mobiles

Jeff Price is a second-generation glassblower. Both of his parents participated in the early days of the Studio Glass Movement in the 1960s and went on to work in glass for many years. From them, he learned much about form and color and experienced the excitement of working with glass from an early age. His extensive experiments with glass, both its forming and coloring techniques, have lead to a style of glass that features semi-traditional shapes with clever optical effects and bold colors. Pieces sometimes look like abstract paintings, sometimes like rustic remnants of a by-gone era, and often look like modern interpretations of classical art. Price's mobiles hang outdoors and are able to withstand the elements without wear. We often bring them inside covered in snow and ice during the winter. The optical illusion he creates by enclosing his glass marbles within steel frames shaped as spirals is fascinating. Viewers will stand in awe as they try to figure out whether or not the glass marbles are rising or falling, making for excellent conversation pieces. Collectors often hang Price's work on their porches or in their yards to bring art to their outdoor spaces or in their offices for a calming work environment.