Katherine McNeill

Artist Katherine McNeill

Katherine McNeill is a dedicated artist best known for her exquisite, vibrant, and lively three-dimensional oil paintings of vivid settings, from the outdoors with aspen trees and majestic mountains to splashing seascapes, and larger than life floral paintings.  Losing yourself in her realistic paintings, one can almost feel and smell the mountain air, and here the quaking aspens crunch beneath your feet. Having a beautiful mystical feeling to them occasionally you will even discover an angel hidden ever so delicately in the trees or maybe even discretely in the clouds. 

 Born in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, McNeill’s parents moved the family to the United States in 1951. Her love for art started at a very young age. She began winning competitions for her artistic qualities at the age of nine. She enjoys making everything she works on a masterpiece to behold. Moving from Santa Rosa, California in 1978, she and her family settled into the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. Her great love for the state is magnified beautifully in her aspen and mountain paintings.

 Katherine is mainly a "self-taught" artist. She had the privilege to study under such notables as Lloyd Thorsten and the late Mickey McGuire, Quang Ho, Joseph Bohler the Arts Student League of Denver and the Colorado Institute of Art. The 19th-century landscape artist Moran and Bierstadt have had been a major influence along with portrait artist John Singer Sergeant.

She and her husband have traveled extensively throughout the mountain states and Europe backpacking and hiking the remote areas to obtain material for her landscapes. After living in Colorado for 39 years, McNeill and her husband have settled in Texas due to health issues that are better served in a higher oxygen environment.

Her paintings are reflective of realism and impressionism. Years of painting aspen trees have in many ways been a spiritual journey. Using a self-designed, heavy pallet knife, which creates a heavy texture, and with every stroke of her brush, she tries to carry her faith onto canvas to touch someone’s life and give them a sense of peace in their hearts. Light and its unique qualities are the most exciting of natural phenomena, as McNeill recreates this excitement with paint onto canvas. 

Artist Statement:

“As a dedicated artist, I am known for my vibrant aspen and mountain oil paintings. Trying to make one feel and smell the mountain air, the crunch of the quaking aspens as you are walking through the forest and to lose yourself and feel you want to step into that place for the moment.”