Scott Yocco

Italian Scott Yocco is a renaissance man whose designs are winning hearts among curators of fine furnishings. Scott has developed a method of extruding copper pipe that presents an entirely new design element in furniture. Yocco Custom Copper showcases the unique copper furniture he creates through his proprietary craftsmanship process.

Scott personally designs, fabricates, polishes, and signs every piece. The variety of finishes he offers is the result of diverse combinations of acid applications and setting times, giving each table an exceptional patina that combines earthy elegance with Italian flair.

This is art as furniture: Distinctive, intense, and designed to bring intrigue and elegance to any room. Scott’s visually stunning work—coffee tables, accent pieces, pub tables, and consoles—presents his art form in one-of-a-kind designs for people who demand style as individual as their own.

Choose from existing pieces, or talk to Scott about a custom design for your home or office.