Talia Swartz

Talia Painting

Talia's international acclaim for creating lively cityscapes and landscapes is derived in large part from the uplifting personalities each of her original paintings possesses. Talia's work has the ability to transport us into the world in which buildings, trees, and mountains have enough rhythm and vibrancy to make us feel like children again. Simply put, her work makes people smile.

Talia's love of children's books and their colorful illustrations informs and inspires her work. She relishes in bringing an animated style to each new piece. Fittingly, she loves sharing art with children too. When she is not busy adding spirited swaths of color to a new piece she can be found teaching children how to do what she does. This love of the innocent side of the art world is ever present in her work. The joy she is able to communicate through paint is infectious as well. Students of "Miss Talia" love seeing her gallery shows and light up when they enter a room filled with her work.

Buildings twisted into intriguing shapes and painted with brilliant colors, often framed in angular and completely non-traditional frames, comprise the majority of Talia's subjects over the years. Talia finds that a city or town's true character comes from the inanimate structures that become permanent fixtures of a place. As such, people will not make appearances in her paintings. Due to finding inspiration in the lines, angles, and shapes that form a town, she is able to take signature parts of the places she paints and make them entirely her own.

Talia's fascination with architecture stems from her upbringing in Ohio. Having lived in Colorado for the better part of a decade, the beautiful state has found itself working inspiration into her collection as well. Much of the work she is showing today takes the focus off of architecture and puts it on the landscapes that make Colorado so stunning. Energetic, fun and peaceful scenes depicting mountains, aspens, flowers, campsites and more have all been painted in Talia's signature animated style.

Talia had her first solo show at the age of 18 at the University of Toledo’s Lake Erie Center Campus. She is a classically trained painter and is the proud recipient of a Masters Degree in Fine Art/Painting.

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