In 1954 Zingaro was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts to first generation Portuguese and French-Canadian immigrants. His nom de guerre was given him by the people of his seaport neighborhood who influenced his early art career. His first formal training came at age eleven at the Swain School of Design.

Early on, Zingaro’s talents were recognized by the painter George Mandevellis who chose him to apprentice in his Hyannis studio on Cape Cod. Zingaro’s mastery of color and form earned him a portable career. At the age of sixteen, he journeyed across America, settling in Tucson, Arizona where he worked as a commercial mural artist and signwriter.

In 1975, Zingaro moved to New Mexico and opened a studio/gallery in the community of Madrid. From 1985 to 1990, he traveled as assistant to the photographer David Michael Kennedy. Zingaro formalized his education with a fine arts degree from Stockton College in 1995 and began work with the enamel artist Craig Ruwe in 2001. When Ruwe passed away in 2004, Zingaro continued the evolution of fused glass on metal art.

Zingaro’s early body of work consists primarily of acrylic on canvas and metal sculptural pieces from found objects. While Zingaro’s fused glass on copper works number over 500 pieces to date, he continues to paint and create in a number of mediums at his Southern New Mexico studio. Zingaro’s art is held in private and corporate collections around the world.