Blooming Lily 3 Blade

Please Call for Pricing

"Blooming Lily 3 Blade" by Mark White is an outdoor kinetic wind sculpture, mounted on a stainless steel pole.  Poles are available in 48 inches, 60 inches 72 inches and 80 inches.  

It is available in a large and medium size.  The large size measures 38 inches in height by 46 inches in width with a standard 72 inch pole.  The medium size measures 24 inches in height by 44 inches in width with a standard 60 inch pole.  

Available colors are Vertigris, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Teal, Red and Purple.  You can select several colors for your piece.  The example image is shown with Stainless Steel.

For detailed pictures of "Blooming Lily 3 Blade Large" contact us via live chat or email with the blue button on the bottom right corner.  We will respond very quickly and look forward to helping you with your art collecting. We strive to make it fun and easy to add beautiful art to your home or office.  Use the live chat to confirm which gallery this sculpture is currently located.

"Blooming Lily 3 Blade" is available through our fine art galleries located in Breckenridge and Vail, Colorado.