Life Force


This piece measures 60" tall by 48" wide. It is a triptych, with the outside panels measuring 60" tall by 12" wide and the middle panel measuring 60" tall by 24" wide.

"This amazing painting was created through the idea of what life force energy means to me personally and offers the viewer his or her own interpretation as well. This unique piece was quite a different process in creation than most of my other work as the mold for the droplet was sculpted in clay from which a rubber mold was created.  This mold was then filled layer by layer with resin and dichroic glass resulting in a sculpted clear droplet. The background of the painting was then created offering a space for which the water droplet connects back with the ocean. This painting was an exciting new exploration for me into the various avenues of working and sculpting with resin and is sure to provide its owner with  wonderful opportunities for great conversations." --Chris Lundy


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