The Portrait

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I have executed a few paintings of groups of bears looking directly at the viewer, usually from behind a thicket of trees or bushes. Here, I wanted to pose these bears in a more open setting and in particular with an old birch tree stump which I had found in a painting by Giovanni-Battista Camuccini at the National Gallery in London. The contrast between the intense look of the bears, the massive decomposing tree and the fresh green grasses is what I find interesting. I hope this will allow the viewer a contemplation on the diversity of life and the passing of time. - Robert Bissell

This piece comes in three sizes (height listed first): 15".5 by 21", 30" by 40" and 40" by 54". All are giclee prints on canvas and can come rolled in a tube, stretched and ready to hang unframed, or framed. The smaller print only comes as a giclee print, while the larger pieces can be purchased as an enhanced giclee. These pieces have been hand painted on top of the giclee so you see brushstrokes on the canvas. These are all limited edition prints.

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