Trio Series - "Lift"



When I was young, it was family tradition to picnic at the hot air balloon festival every September. We would lay out the blanket in mid afternoon, then the parents would send us off to explore with a little change in our pockets and strict orders to return by dusk with funnel cake for Dad.

An image is burned into my head - the one where all the balloons rested on the ground, laid out in anticipation of their race to the sky. They all seemed so eager, but maybe that was my youthful sense of impatience. The wait felt like ages. Then, suddenly - the burners fired up and the balloons filled steadily, as if by magic.

And then all the time that felt stretched out became short, quick, and they were lifting, glowing, rising up and suspending above our heads like brilliant heavenly bodies. And in that moment, we were lifted, too.

This is an exclusive limited edition Houston Llew piece. Houston will only produce up to 100 pieces in this edition. Each panel measures approximately 11.5" tall by 6" wide, for an overall size of approximately 11.5" tall by 18" wide. The piece is only sold as a triptych.

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