Trio Series - "Next Round"



Though it may not have been the first cocktail ever made, there is something so inherently classy about the martini, the striking lines of the glass, the flipped cone of clear elixir,m the asymmetry drawing your eye in to the stacked olive garnish. 

It speaks to every happy hour, every stately bar with well-dressed bar tenders shaking, stirring, and pouring to the sound of jazz and blues, making you feel a part of something intangible, refined, within a community of cheers and conversation. 

When you see the martini, its form catches you, draws you into that timeless space and you want to be a part of its experience, tapping glasses with a co-conspirator in the night's festivities, and when the first one's been cheerfully consumed, to turn to the bar tender and say, "another round?"

This is an exclusive limited edition Houston Llew piece. Houston will only produce up to 100 pieces in this edition. Each panel measures approximately 11.5" tall by 6" wide, for an overall size of approximately 11.5" tall by 18" wide. The piece is only sold as a triptych.

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