Trio Series - "Trifecta"


The inspiration for this piece came from Dan Fogelberg's quote:

"All the long, lazy mornings
In pastures of green
The sun on your withers
The wind in your mane
Could never prepare you
For what lies ahead
The run for the roses so red - 
And it's run for the roses
As fast as you can
Your fate is delivered
Your moment's at hand
It's the chance of a lifetime
In a lifetime of chance
And it's high time you joined
In the dance."

This is an exclusive limited edition Houston Llew piece. Houston will only produce up to 100 pieces in this edition. Each panel measures approximately 11.5" tall by 6" wide, for an overall size of approximately 11.5" tall by 18" wide. The piece is only sold as a triptych.

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