"Waterfall" is an original painting done in Kate McCavitt's unique mixed-media techniques. The painting incorporates a background of poured acrylic paints, metallic gesso, and variegated gold leaf. This piece is part of Kate's "Energy of Earth" series.

This original painting on canvas measures 24" Tall by 24" Wide.

From the artist:

"With these three new artworks, in the series that I call “Energy of Earth”, I pay homage and respect to Gustav Klimt, who is a primary “Influencer” for me.  We both were students of the painted Asian art form.  Klimt died in 1918 during the great Influenza Pandemic, a notion that is not lost on me as I write this under California Lock-Down and I navigate through the Covid-19 crisis that is irrevocably changing the social and economic landscape of our world.  It adds poignancy to my dedication.

I love Gustav Klimt’s artwork, especially for his overtly sensuous women wrapped luxuriously in gold leaf that is covered in asymmetrical patterning set into shapes hinting realistically at their clothing and backgrounds, but truly apart from them.  I see them as transcending the reality of a dress sleeve, an enveloping cloak or a wall.  This has inspired me to create similar “shapings” in my landscapes.  Instead of adding the patterns to a metallic background like Klimt, I am using gold leaf, metallic gesso and pearlized acrylic paints to cover over all but the organic cellular shapes that I choose to leave exposed to form my composition. It is design refinement with emphatic patterning that flattens deep space into a single plane but fools the eye to see perspective.

Klimt left his figure’s faces, arms, hands, and feet uncovered by the gold, making them the sinuous focal point.  I want my mountain faces to be this. These mountain faces are “blown-in” with my breath through a piece of flexible surgical tubing, pushing away a layer of white paint I have carefully pulled over the top of a wet mix of golds, bronzes, and coppers, obscuring them at first. As I move and breathe across the canvas, I uncover the gold that becomes the west-facing sloped bowl of a great Coloradoan range.

The “Energy of Earth” artworks are all completed with a metallic orb of sun, the primal source of that energy.  I finish with my usual surface detail, laying down the thinnest ropes of gold metallic to outline, define and embellish shapes across the composition. Then my signature, like Klimt’s, an ode to Asian Calligraphy."

It was created with fluid acrylics and mixed media. This painting will ship from Kate McCavitt's studio.

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