Scy Caroselli Interview November 07 2019, 0 Comments

Colorado artist Scy Caroselli

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Denver based sculptor Scy Caroselli.

What projects have you been working on recently?

I just finished a monument to a beautiful special needs child. Her parents commissioned me to create it after she passed away. It will be installed in Georgetown, TX at the Brookwood Community Foundation in 2020. It was a sculpture of her stepping off of the armrest of her wheelchair reaching to the heavens above. It was a very rewarding experience.

I also took 6 months before that to create and install a monument at Sky Ridge Medical Center. Please go by the Healing Garden there to see "Transcendence."

Transcendence Scy Caroselli


Now, I will be going back to my Empowering Art series. I have a few pieces that I'm working on that were on hold to finish the monument.

The Empowering Art series will be sculptures in powerful positions and more along the lines of stylized, more contemporary, although I was trained classically. I hope they speak to the collector that is inspired to step up.

I think in all of us is this desire to be a force. To step up and set new standards. Be the change. The series has started with my first piece called "Carpe Diem". The next is in my studio right now being created.

Do you create every single day? What does your schedule typically look like? 

I like to think I create every day.... in my head. I'm always thinking about sculpting something. Does that count? Even when I'm out on the golf course. I'm lucky to have my studio in my home. And NOT so lucky, I'll go back to that.

Every time I pass my studio I see what I'm working on at a different angle or different light. See my mistakes or I'm sometimes inspired by a line I created. Then I'll work a little. Do paperwork as well. UGH! I hate paperwork. That’s the only part of my career that is WORK.

Sculpting and painting are my releases. My soul saying "Ahhhh, Now I'm happy." It's like eating a fresh cannoli from a bakery off the piazza in southern Italy. It just makes me stop and enjoy that moment. I get lost in what I do, I lose time. I'll start sculpting in the AM and before I know it, It's dinner time and I forgot to eat that day.

Now the not so lucky part. I get sidetracked a lot as well. When I should be sculpting, (since my studio is at home) I'll see a weed coming up in the yard and I'll have to go pull it. The A.D.D. kicks in and then I'll see something else I have to work on. Another cup of coffee and I'm back in the studio.

Did you go to art school? 

I studied in Pietrasanta, Italy. As well as numerous workshops in the US. But I think most of my art skills came from listening to mom. 

Were you born an artist, or did you become one?

 Ahhhh, The question people ask me quite often. I was born an artist. My mother as well. So maybe I inherited the artist gene from her. I was drawing horses in elementary instead of listening to my teachers. Every report card was Lynda (my first name) needs to focus more on listening in class vs drawing pictures. I had all my classmates asking me to draw them something, even some teachers. My 6th grade teacher still has my art.

I didn’t sculpt until 2001 though. My mom, an amazing sculptor, kept telling me I "had the eye" for sculpting and I should do it. At this point in my life I was her agent and sold her work. I told her "You sculpt and I sell, don’t mess up a good thing." She would not give up.

Finally, at Christmas 2000, she said "here is everything you need to make your first sculpture. Do it, or else." Well, my mom is that Italian Momma you don’t want to mess with. She still scares me and my brothers. So, I sculpted my first piece and I found something in me that was missing. Who knew, Momma's do know best.

On January 01, I created my first sculpture of a Clydesdale horse head down, nose to nose with a rabbit. It's called "Bunny & Clyde". This passion for sculpting and creating, I guess you can say was born then. So maybe "Both" to the question. I was born an artist and then I became one.

Do you have any hobbies outside of the art world?

Oh Do I!!! I used to do kickboxing/MMA. Wonderful sport to release any struggles of the day! I loved it. I had a shoulder injury so I don’t do that anymore. I love racquetball and encourage all to play with me. It's an entertaining sport.

I play golf whenever I get a chance. I absolutely love being the first out on the green early in the am. Get in a quick 9 holes then back to work. I have recently discovered Pickle-ball because of my mom. Another great push for mom. I LOVE Pickleball!! I enjoy visiting small towns and tasting their wine. Oh, Wine! Is that a hobby? I truly enjoy trying new wines.

I'm a member of the Cancer League of Colorado, as well as some other charities. You'll find me at many fundraisers with these charities. I am often inspired by the courage I find there. I think it helps me to create art that touches someone.

Is there anything you want to share with aspiring artists?

Create every day. Give back! Find a good gallery and be loyal. Don’t just create what’s inside of you. If you want to make $ then create not only what’s in you ..... but what the public wants as well. I think too many artist say they have to stick to their guns about creating what they want. Well, I come from the business end of art as well. Create what touches the public. Don’t be a "Starving" artist. That’s it, that’s all.



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