Miri Rozenvain

Miri Rozenvain was born in 1998 to Aleksandra Savina and Michael Rozenvain, a family of artists who nurtured her artistic development from a very young age. The artists’ studio was located in the family home, Toronto, Canada, where she spent an endless number of hours as a child watching her family paint. She developed love and passion for art from a very early age. Together with her family, Miri visited world-renowned museums, international art galleries, and art shows where she was exposed to an infinite amount of creative work. To further develop her artistic talent, Miri commenced her formal education at the York University Visual Arts program in 2016.

While Miri always experimented with colors, textures, and different materials, it was not until the age of 16 when her unique and distinctive style started to form. At that point, Miri understood that she wants to combine her artistic inspirations with her love for wildlife. Moose, bears, Eagles, foxes, owls, and horses became her most dominant subject matter. She started incorporating natural stones and sand on the canvases to immerse these animals within their natural environment. In her work, Miri attempts to recreate the magical experience of encountering wildlife in nature. A beautiful wild face appears for just a moment, a flash of eye contact, the blur of fur, and the mysterious creature melts back into the woods. Miri’s ability to capture the unique character and essence of her wild animals through thoughtful, expressive, and kind eyes creates a captivating connection with the viewer. Providing each one of her paintings with their own unique personality and identity.

During much of the creative process, the work begins to take on a life of its own. With spontaneous and free application, drips, smears, scrapes, and spills that at close inspection appear entirely abstract, form facial expressions, magnificent antlers, and muzzles. Using natural stones and sand mixed with paint she employs a palette knife to sculpt a more textured feel to the animal. Essentially creating a sculpture on canvas. The targeted composition of bold color puts the marvelous animals at center focus, showing the fleeting moment in time, often dissolving, and fading away of their unannounced appearance. She uses washes of grey and earthy textured surfaces to fill her work with a sense of atmosphere and mood. One can almost feel the morning dew of a misty forest in the early hours of the day. Blending vibrant and subtle color in a deeply intuitive process, her aim is to create a visual rhythm melding the bold with the nuanced as elements come in and out of focus. The result is reminiscent of an animal’s movement through the forest. The piece is only truly resolved and complete once it feels as if the painting can breathe on its own.

Miri’s growing connection to nature has instilled a sense of responsibility for nature and wildlife awareness. The artist’s mission is to share the love for wildlife by bringing the beauty of nature and life into peoples’ homes.

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