Aleksandra Rozenvain


Aleksandra Savina Rozenvain was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Aleksandra would go on to obtain her fine art diploma in Kiev from the Fine Art School and Teachers College. From there, she worked in her field as a teacher and designer. She has traveled the world extensively with her husband, fellow artist Michael Rozenvain. Aleksandra and Michael have raised two incredible children who are following in their footsteps and have become amazing artists in their own right.

Aleksandra and her family moved to Canada in 2005 and currently split their time between Toronto and Whistler.

Upon moving to Canada Aleksandra was mesmerized by the beautiful landscapes of her new country and home, and these landscapes have become a new source of inspiration. Her exposure to so many of the world’s big cities has shined in her work as well, as Aleksandra also thrives painting iconic urban environments.

Through her paintings, Aleksandra has explored cubic forms and created an instantly recognizable style. It consists of applying her paint in a very structured and geometric fashion. Aleksandra’s paintings are very strong in their sense of balance. By creating recognizable imagery through repeating squares and rectangles her work appears both abstract and realistic at once. Her sense of color balances subdued fields of black, white and grey with a wonderful mix of bright arrays of vibrant hues. The end results are pleasing journeys through the world’s cities and landscapes.

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