Tracy Felix

The landscape has been a favorite subject in art for thousands of years. Many artists have tried to capture the emotion they feel from nature and I, too, am exploring this long tradition with my paintings. I feel very much a part of nature and live in awe of it.

I was born near the Sangre de Cristos Mountains in the San Luis Valley, Colorado and grew up under the looming summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. My whole life has been spent hiking and skiing in the mountains that I feel so much a part of. My paintings are all about expressing my love for the Western landscape. The mountain peaks, wild cloud forms, the expansive sky and incredible geology are all the ingredients I use to create a painting.

I want the viewer to draw his or her own perceptions about my work from the paintings themselves. Everyone sees and feels something different in them, just as in nature.

Shown above: Tracy and his wife Sushe.