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Breckenridge Phone: 970-547-8399 / 970-771-3621

Vail Phone: 970-476-4883

An art gallery is a place where the world slows down. Minds wander. Beauty is everywhere. Around every corner is another epic adventure. In our four walled worlds, it happens to be more fun than most. 

We began providing the world with fine art in 2007. We believe art should be fun. The art we collect should provide inspiration and wonder. It should bring us a smile every time we view the work. 

We provide complimentary consulting to private and corporate collectors in your spaces. We are always glad to bring incredible artwork to your home or office. We will provide expert insight into the artists and particular pieces that will work best. Every piece in our galleries has been carefully considered and promises to enrich, enliven and uplift the environments in which they are displayed.

We provide first class shipping all around the world and are happy to personally install your favorite pieces most anywhere within Colorado.

We are open nearly 365 days a year in both Breckenridge and Vail. We're easy to find, as our galleries are located on Main Street and Gore Creek Drive (right next to the creek!), respectively. We look forward to showing you our collection in person and trust that you will enjoy the online gallery in the meantime!