About Us

Our galleries were founded in Breckenridge, Colorado by us, the Raitman family. We opened our first Breckenridge gallery as Art on a Whim in November of 2007. You could say it was bad timing, given the following week was the beginning of a major recession. We viewed it as a time to learn while patiently building a business built to last.

Growth, stemming from fantastic relationships with collectors and artists worldwide, has been a big part of our business. Our first space was only 825 square feet. We have expanded it twice and our flagship location now houses 2,500 square feet of fine art. In November of 2013 we opened a space in Vail, Colorado. We opened a second space in Breckenridge in May of 2017, both literally and figuratively cornering the market with galleries on the east side of North Main Street and the west side of South Main Street. A move in 2018 saw us more than double the size of our Vail gallery in the heart of Vail Village, on the banks of the beautiful Gore Creek. Today, we show wonderful works of art in over 8,000 square feet of space in stunning Colorado ski towns.

In November of 2016, we changed the name of our galleries to reflect one of our core principles: family business. Raitman Art Galleries reflects the pride we share as a family for our carefully curated collection of fine works of art. We consider so many of our collectors our extended family. We are so blessed to do so.

In celebrating our region, much of the contemporary art we show is created right here in Colorado. We occasionally feature historical pieces from around the world. The art we show is impeccable in quality, one of the common threads you will find throughout our collection. Both in taste and clientele, our reach extends far beyond our mountain towns. We have fostered a collector base that extends to every continent, save Antarctica.

Our galleries are adorned with artwork that is unique, well executed and uplifting. We curate with a sensibility to the natural world, working hard to find artists who make preservation of art and the environment a priority. We enjoy exploring mankind’s connection to the earth and our place within it through visual storytelling in the form of painting, bronze, glass, and many other exciting mediums. Contemporary representational works of art that capture the beauty of the mountains we call home are constantly paired with non-objective pieces pushing creativity to new heights. Our adoration of our planet is an ever-present theme. The many decades of cumulative experience between our family and sales consultants has brought us to an important understanding: art is a beacon of light and hope in what can be an otherwise troubled world.

We believe that art should represent place and memories. Art can and should reflect our lifestyles. Brushstrokes shall speak of beautiful moments. Colors and materials shall preserve our amazing world. Art should make us remember, sometimes, even make us cry. Above all, art should make us smile. The pieces we surround ourselves with in our homes, places of work and public spaces have power. The power of great art is a timeless gift, one cherished in the moment, held onto in our thoughts and preserved for future generations. Thus, a great deal of thought is put into every piece we choose to show to our visitors.

We foster a culture of education and the sharing of knowledge within our gallery walls. Years of extensive research on artists and the art market at large have taught us that the stories behind the art, from the processes and materials to the artist’s backgrounds and reasons for their creative pursuits, are a necessary part of the art purchasing experience. Educating viewers is an integral part of the art world and we enjoy it thoroughly. Our passion for our industry gives us a keen understanding of where the artists we represent fit into the art world in the moment and how the world may view their works many years from now.

We only represent artists who have truly mastered their unique mediums and styles. It is both a duty to our collectors and a point of pride to source and show only great art. Through their creative brilliance, each artist shown in our galleries has been rewarded with highly regarded national and international reputations. The majority are featured in major public collections, from those of museums to Fortune 100 companies. Our galleries possess the professionalism and knowledge necessary to place works of art in any private, public or corporate collection. The artists we represent are like family to us. We are constantly selecting the best works to come out of their studios. They often spend the weekend in our homes when they come to demonstrate in our galleries. The fact that the artists frequently visit and create new works while in our galleries brings our collector's experiences to the next level.  

Timeless artwork makes our world beautiful. We find few greater joys than helping you turn your home into a sanctuary, where the artwork you select speaks of your journeys. Every work of art ought to tell a story. We are thrilled to share ours with you. So are our artists. Thank you for participating in our beautiful world.


Gallery Members:

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