Fekadu Mekasha

At first glance, the stainless-steel wire mesh sculptures seem almost like illusions, beckoning the question: “How in the world did he do that?”

Raitman Art Galleries is proud to announce the arrival of Fekadu Mekasha, an artist creating magnificent photo-realistic portraits of celebrities and more using nothing but metal. Mekasha creates each wire mesh portrait sculpture freehand, in a subtractive performance, snipping the mesh with shears to capture the highlights and shadows of his subjects in impeccable detail. By choreographing the layers of wire mesh, then welding them together, Mekasha’s meticulous portraits are revealed. Based on a photographic reference of cultural icons, or one of a more personal nature, each Mekasha piece is a one of a kind sculpture.

With his background as a professional welder, Mekasha first sculpted his figurative works in metal rebar. His quest to create in non-conventional materials led him to wire mesh, his preferred medium. Wire mesh allows Mekasha to work intimately with the material, allowing for hands on spontaneity and creative freedom in his art making process. Mekasha’s mastery of layering the metal in individually created planes, then spacing them apart to form the final image, provides perfect light and shadow in his works. The depth and dimension present in every piece provides the illusion that the art is moving as one walks past it, inviting interaction with his viewers. People are drawn in by the realism in Mekasha’s portraits. They are left mesmerized by his process and perfection, left searching for the drawing or photograph beneath the mesh only to discover in amazement that the mesh is the portrait.

Mekasha was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopa. In 2004 he moved to the United States to be closer to his sister, settling in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Each of Mekasha’s original creations are born out of the artistic freedom of his wholly unique process. Mekasha’s art pleases both realistic and abstract art lovers alike. He pushes the envelope for the ever-popular genre of figurative art. Every piece beckons you to come close to dissect the process with which his art is born. Next, step back and watch as the perfect realism he creates with nothing but layered wire jumps out of the frame.


Mekasha is also happy to work with any prospective collector to create a portrait of any celebrity in this unique medium.He will also happily sculpt a portrait of anyone for that matter, whether it be your child, spouse, friend, etc.

Fekadu's original artwork is for sale at our fine are galleries located in Breckenridge and Vail, Colorado.

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