Breckenridge Exhibitions & Events

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2024 Shows  

January 13 - 15
Doyle Hostetler and Jeremy Bradshaw
Breckenridge South Gallery

Doyle Hostetler and Jeremy Bradshaw have exploded onto the western art scene. Both new to their trades, their works in oils and bronze, respectively, have quickly garnered acclaim. Each artist specializes in depicting wildlife in distinctive styles.


 February 17,18,19    Christopher Cantwell   Breckenridge  South, Colorado with gallery appearances in Breckenridge.

Christopher Cantwell works with well over 200 varieties of wood, with a preference for the exotic and unusual. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, with elements that are designed to fit the character of each specific piece of wood. Chris says, “I work with the wood and my own ideas when I make my designs. Often, the challenge of using a grain pattern in the best way or working with a particular piece of wood will fuel my inspiration.”



March 9,10  David V. Gonzales  Breckenridge  South, Colorado with gallery appearances in Breckenridge.

David V. Gonzales is a Colorado-based artist known for his incredible acrylic paintings depicting cyclists, towns, landscapes, skiers, and more.   David masterfully express his fascination with relative objects moving through time and space.  It is this movement of related things that unifies his diverse body of work. It is what makes his art unique and easily recognizable.  His works are not a static representation of a single moment; rather they are more like living entities with a past, present, and future, ever moving and unfolding.

March 23, 24
Jeremy Bradshaw
Breckenridge South Gallery

Jeremy Bradshaw's art makes people smile. Every day we are blessed to see the reactions that visitors have when they take in the smooth, stylized lines and uplifting personalities in his bronzes. Wildlife is his subject matter and he has taken the art world by storm over the past six years. It is crazy to us that six years comprises the entirety of his sculpting career. Talent makes people pay attention. Doing things differently keeps them coming back again and again. Bradshaw has it all as a sculptor, including the drive to be sure his art will find its place in history amongst the world's finest wildlife sculptors.

This weekend he will be beginning work on a brand new mini black bear sculpture. We can't wait to see the piece come to life and we're excited for you to see how bronze sculptures begin!


2023 Shows 

June 23 – July 16   Rolinda Stotts   Breckenridge  South, Colorado with gallery appearances the weekend of July 7th

Rolinda Stotts approach to her unique canvases is founded in the development of her Bella Rotta process. Drawing upon fresco as her biggest inspiration, Stotts breaks her paintings to give an aged feel to her contemporary impressionist works composed of oils on wood.


June 30 - July 16   Pamela Sukhum   Breckenridge North, Colorado with gallery appearances the weekend of June 30th 

Pamela Sukhum's paintings are alive with color and movement. She paints with thick textures, slowing down as she proceeds through her work to add intricate details. Her background as a scientist led to her creating her own paints, which mesmerizingly reflect light back at the viewer.

Artist Pamela Sukhum Original Paintings for Sale

July 21 – August 17   Lyudmila Agrich    Breckenridge South, Colorado with gallery appearances the weekend of July 21st

Lyudmila Agrich’s childhood spent in the Ukraine is always evident in her art. Impressionist paintings filled with texture and expression capture the romance of the city at night alongside western landscapes.



August 4 – September 1   Kate McCavitt   Breckenridge North, Colorado with gallery appearances the weekend of August 4th

Kate McCavitt’s paintings glimmer and radiate light. Her surface finishes are distinctive. With aspens as her main muse, McCavitt’s attention to detail and background in sumi-e techniques bring a contemporary approach to a classic subject.



September 1 - October 1   Robert Moore and Robbie Moore  Breckenridge South, Colorado with gallery appearances September 22nd & 23rd

Robert Moore is one of our nation's foremost impressionist painters.  At this show we will introduce the work of his son, Robbie.  Together, their landscape paintings will bring the beauty of fall in the mountains onto the gallery walls.