Robbie Moore


The middle son and fifth of six children of renowned Western American Impressionist Robert Moore, Robert Daniel (Robbie) Moore was raised to notice the differences and variety that surrounded him. From an early age, he was experiencing the world of fine art alongside his father in South Central Idaho. He remembers painting trips to the mountains, flights to Scottsdale or Fredericksburg to assist at workshops, and many other excursions that have instilled in him a need to partake in his father's quest to search out the beauty around him.

His passion for art was strengthened throughout college where he earned a Bachelors in Business Administration at the University of Arkansas. As he worked through his Finance Major and held the usual variety of college jobs, he realized how important it was for him to identify with the world of fine art. His interest in the art world led him to dive into books by Bridgeman and Loomis on figures and anatomy and to follow them with books by Carlson on landscape painting. Business school training could not take him too far from the passion he found in his upbringing under his father’s tutelage. His own artistic journey began in 2018, with much of his time spent drawing. Under his father’s guidance he worked multiple summers as both an apprentice and project manager. In 2021 he was commissioned by one of his college job employers to create 12 oil paintings for the company calendar. This was just the motivation Robbie needed to begin working with oil paints.

Today, Robbie enjoys painting both big and small in oils and gouache/watercolor. Robbie’s future aspirations lie in a desire to make the most out of his upbringing. He plans on continuing his art education through every outlet available while developing business skills which will enable future art endeavors. Big things are coming as he continues down this road alongside his father, siblings, and their beautiful network of like-minded artists. He has already participated in gallery shows in three states in the Rocky Mountains. Robbie’s innate sense of wonder will continue to draw him back to the world of fine art in which he was raised.