Pete Zaluzec

Artist Pete Zaluzec

Throughout Pete's life he has felt a strong connection with nature. His work in Wisconsin's forestry industry immersed him in the natural world while his education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago expanded his range of artistic media. He has worked in mediums across the board including wood carvings of detailed life-like birds to less representational bronze sculptures of bison. He would research his sculptures first hand in the wild taking extensive photographs. This collection of skilled photographs led to his own unique photographic process.

At first glance, Pete's photographs often raise the question, "What exactly are we looking at?" The intriguing image compels the viewer to look more closely and inquire about the process of creating such eye-catching imagery. The portrayal of Pete's subjects, set against Japanese Gampi paper, come alive. Unlike standard 2 dimensional photographs, the images give the appearance of depth and enhanced dimension demonstrating his sculptural background. Pete's art is unquestionably contemporary and innovative.

When asked what the catalyst was for his new and original photographic method he notes, "I had a very extensive collection of images and I wanted to find a new and nontraditional way to present them. My goal; was to move beyond a simple photograph and into something completely new where my images could carry an even stronger message.”

While artist Pete Zaluzec prides himself on his versatility and has been recognized nationally for his work in various mediums, it is his current venture into the world of wildlife photography that has once again caught the attention of a fascinated public.

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Please note that each of Pete Zaluzec's pieces are made by hand, one at a time. Even the framing is all hand-built. As a result, not every piece in every frame style is immediately available. Please feel free to inquire regarding the time frame for having your art created and shipped. We always have a collection of Pete's art available in our galleries and his typical lead time for creating new works is approximately 8 weeks.