Pat McNabb Martin

Artist Statement

“There are times I begin a painting with a preconceived notion of what I want to have happen and sometimes I approach a blank canvas letting the paint and process show me the way.  Traditional artist brushes limit my freedom so my studio is full of utensils, knives, paints sticks, and squeegees. Continuously adding, subtracting, painting over, and painting out, allows the mystery of technique to keep me interested.  My creative search remains investigational with the hope that in every painting the color and texture will rise to a new level of visual promise”.

The art of art, the glory of expression, and the sunshine of the light of letters is the simplicity in design.

Style and Technique

Basic, raw, and stretching boundaries, Pat McNabb Martin leaves each composition to the viewer’s discretion. Never over-intellectualizing a painting she concerns herself with the canvas surface always experimenting to create new and unique marks. Each painting is an emergent field of color often laced with exotic fluorescent and metallic paints.  Her intuitive use of the canvas surface, texture, and color saturate the viewer’s eye allowing for personal interpretation.

Additional Background

Pat McNabb Martin is an accomplished art educator, filmmaker, graphic designer and manufacturer/designer of hand-painted women’s clothing and accessories.  For eighteen years she designed and built single-family homes on spec in Southern CA., where she currently resides.  In 2002 she returned to painting full time.