Rolinda Stotts

Rolinda grew up on a dairy farm working with animals and earth, growing crops and building fences, all while learning to nurture life and respect nature. This is where her life as an artist began. The lessons of balance and harmony that she learned on the farm were invaluable in expressing her feelings and experiences on canvas.

Artist Rolinda Stotts PhotoBella Rotta is the name Rolinda uses to describe her technique. It is Italian for “Beautiful Broken.” In her art, the cracks are real; it is not a “crackle finish” and Rolinda encourages people to touch and feel the work. Most people are drawn to the tactile nature of the paintings and the artist wants to encourage that sense of touch.

In order to replicate the effect of extreme age and texture in her work, a complex ten-step process is used that allows Rolinda to manipulate the work to give it the essence of having survived centuries. She starts by making her own canvas. When the canvas has been properly prepared, she will begin painting using hand mixed oil paint.

Oils evoke a depth of richness in the color, and when carefully overlaid, will convey a mood in the art. The layering of color builds an effect unlike newly created art. Rolinda is sharing the deep emotion of the rich heritage she feels while working.

Rolinda will use her hands throughout the whole painting process to gently age the new image. Finally, she will adhere the painting to a self-constructed wooden frame. She will continue adding more oil paint either in very thin applications or with a bold palette knife as the painting becomes alive within her. Rolinda wants the painting to look like you discovered an ancient fresco somewhere, and found a way to bring it home. 

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