Vail Exhibitions & Events

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2024 Shows

January 18,19,20    Rolinda Stotts   Vail, Colorado with gallery appearances in Breckenridge on the 18th and Vail on the 19th and 20th.

Rolinda Stotts approach to her unique canvases is founded in the development of her Bella Rotta process. Drawing upon fresco as her biggest inspiration, Stotts breaks her paintings to give an aged feel to her contemporary impressionist works composed of oils on wood.



Febuary 23,24    Fekadu Mekasha    Vail, Colorado with gallery appearances.

At first glance, the stainless steel wire mesh sculptures of Fekadu Mekasha  seem almost like illusions, beckoning the question: “How in the world did he do that?

Using his professional knowledge of welding, Mekasha has created a truly unique form of art. Each figurative portrait is crafted by meticulously cutting, welding, and sculpting many layers of wire mesh, thereby allowing light to pass through his portraits in a way that is almost mesmerizing. The shadows of the trimmed and superimposed overlapping layers of wire mesh even shift as the viewer’s perspective changes, providing an interactive quality to his sculptures.




March 15,16   Josh Clare   Vail, Colorado with gallery appearances.

Born in 1982, Josh Clare grew up drawing and was rarely without a pencil and paper, but it wasn’t until he began studying art at BYU-Idaho that he began painting. That first oil painting class included a trip to the galleries in Jackson Hole (his first visit to an art gallery or museum) and completely changed the course of his life. Since graduating with a BFA in illustration from BYU-Idaho in 2007 Josh has been supporting himself and his family with art--and he thanks God every day for that remarkable blessing. He figures that if he can paint all day, every day, for the next 20 years, eventually he’ll paint something pretty decent.



2023 Shows

June 10 from 12 to 2 pm

The Rozenvain Family

Vail, Colorado 

Michael, Barak and Miri Rozenvain will be stopping by the gallery to meet visitors and collectors alike. Their art delights for both its unique use of materials and its recognizable, exciting subject matter. From shattered glass to stainless steel and from wildlife to sports, the Rozenvains know how to make art that stops people in their tracks and makes them talk about it. They are looking forward to hanging out in the gallery for a short time before heading to an appearance in our Breckenridge North space!

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June 16 - 18

Gilberto Romero
Vail, Colorado

Gilberto Romero’s sculptures reflect his love of the outdoors. Using bronze and locally-sourced stones, Romero sculpts birds and organic forms that remind him of what he sees and feels in the forest. He says that he, “sees shapes everywhere” and his use of positive and negative space provides a sense of freedom, flow and play. His work has a sensual rhythm and beautiful curves.


July 1 – 30
Roger Hayden Johnson
Vail, Colorado

Roger Hayden Johnson has spent more than six decades perfecting his realist approach to painting. For the past ten plus years, old boats have been his muse. Filled with light and character, Johnson approaches these boats with a deft sensibility. All great art elicits emotional responses. Johnson’s may be the best emotion of all: peace.



August 4 – 27
Doyle Hostetler and Jeremy Bradshaw
Vail, Colorado

Doyle Hostetler and Jeremy Bradshaw have exploded onto the western art scene. Both new to their trades, their works in oils and bronze, respectively, have quickly garnered acclaim. Each artist specializes in depicting wildlife in distinctive styles.