The 2Wild collaboration was born when brother and sister duo Barak and Miri Rozenvain, each a successful and popular artist on their own, decided to join forces on a new project. 

Since childhood, Barak and Miri have shared a studio and helped each other grow as artists. Barak and Miri were raised by two phenomenal, professional artists: Michael and Aleksandra Rozenvain. They seem to have grown up with paintbrushes in their hands. Every year, the Rozenvain family travels together to major art shows, galleries and art districts around the world to find inspiration in an endless amount of new artwork. This creates a melting pot of ideas and composes the research for the family’s favorite hobby: brainstorming for new art concepts. Instead of arguing like brothers and sisters could over their newfound ideas, Barak and Miri decided to put their competitive nature aside and use these new ideas together in a collaborative form. Barak’s unparalleled textural abilities coupled with Miri’s exquisite color applications and detailed definition created a winning combination. 

2Wild focuses on unique and innovative medium combinations. Key pieces are painted on clear sheets of Plexiglass. Layers of resin and paint provide texture and your wall provides the backdrop for the paintings, as you see right through the clear areas of the work! Plexiglass, resin, collage and crystals are all materials Barak and Miri have mastered. They seamlessly and naturally integrate these new mediums with their favorite nature, wildlife, skiing and mountain scenes. Happiness, Joy, and Freedom are expressed through vibrant butterflies, cheerful text and heartwarming expressions. Sharing these important values is Barak and Miri’s mission with the 2Wild collaboration.