Clay Enoch

Colorado sculptor Clay Enoch

Colorado sculptor Clay Enoch is known for his uplifting and inspirational themed sculptures.

Born and raised in Tennessee, Clay participated in the Governor's School for the Fine Arts before earning his BFA from Wheaton College in Illinois. He has been self-employed and living as a sculptor in Colorado Springs since 1996.

"From very early on, I have benefited tremendously from an amazing support system. Taught to draw at a young age and permitted to sculpt my bread at the dinner table, I come from an artistic family in Memphis, Tennessee. But with athletic aspirations also, the event that finally caused me to choose art lessons over soccer practice was my acceptance to the Tennessee Governor's School for the Fine Arts. This late high school experience legitimized my artistic pursuits, and with my parents’ encouragement (and money), I entered and graduated from Wheaton College as an art major specializing in sculpture."

Clay's work is on display in our Breckenridge South Fine Art Gallery.