Clay Enoch

Clay Enoch was born and raised as part of an artistic family in Memphis, Tennessee. He was taught to draw at an early age and, like many kids, allowed to play with his food. He would often sculpt his bread into imaginative designs at the dinner table. From the beginning he had a tremendous support system. In addition to dreams of becoming an artist, Enoch also had athletic aspirations. Late in his high school experience he was accepted into the Tennessee Governor's School for the Fine Arts. It was this accomplishment that drew him away from the soccer fields and full-fledged towards fulfilling his calling as an artist. He subsequently went on to earn his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Wheaton College in Illinois.

Clay Enoch has been self-employed and living as a sculptor in Colorado Springs, Colorado since 1996. As he sees it, art is personal. It manifests from the deeper levels of the individual. While Enoch employs the full range of sculptural language, from representational to abstract, his passion lies in expressing the human figure as simply as possible to capture the essence of the pose and create space for the transcendent message to resonate with the viewer. With faith as an integral part of his life, many of Enoch’s sculptures are filled with deep meanings that speak to the human condition.

Enoch says, “My work gravitates toward uplifting and inspirational themes, often ancient themes, leveraging the figure’s range to draw out transcendent truth and contemporary messages of hope and redemption. Within this context, my emphasis is on composition. Be it animals, skiers, or children, I am looking for the right posture, the most natural stance, the proper spacing, the perfect tension to make the work sculpturally compelling. I strive for conceptual consistency from the style and patina through to the presentation on the base.”