Jared and Nicole Davis

Nicole & Jared Davis Colorado Glass Artists in Vail and Breckenridge, Colorado at Raitman Art Galleries

Jared and Nicole Davis have used their years of experience to create a successful glass blowing and design studio. Their studio, North Rim Glass, is in the small town of Crawford in Western Colorado. Sitting near the edge of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, it is no surprise that the beauty of the natural world is a major muse for the Davis's. Together they produce works created with liquid glass and glass powders that reflect the delicate curves of rivers, the shapes and colors of the desert, and the patterns and textures of birch and aspen trees. Through a glass blowing process that requires two sets of hands, each piece is created by heating the glass in its liquid form to a red-orange glow before sculpting and coating it in powdered glass. Sand-blasting is the final step, which reveals the gleaming transparent glass beneath the layer of opaque powders.

Jared & Nicole’s journey through glass began 25 years ago when Jared first walked into a job at KDahl Glass Studios. In 1995 Jared was introduced to Swedish glass masters, Jan-Erik Ritzman and Sven Åke Carlsson, who invited him to study with them in Transjö, Sweden for two years. Together, Jared and Nicole packed their bags and with their first son Rylan and a second son on the way, set off for Sweden. Here, they learned the techniques that characterize their works today. Applying the combination of high gloss and sandblasted glass into one sculpture makes their work distinctive. Although they were busy raising two small sons, their education was immersive. Nicole made time to work on product designs and her hot shop experience. A glass blowing course at the Kosta Boda Glass School and the occasional invitation to assist at Transjö Hytta were important tools in furthering Nicole’s education. Jared’s father was an artist, which was a career he had no initial intention of pursuing. Fortunately for the world, he fell in love with the pursuit of perfection through his hands in a hot glass studio.

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