Step High


From Alvis: "After I imagined “Leap!” I turned around in time to see “Step High!” trotting around the dining room corner into the living room!  She was moving pretty fast!  Since she has two legs up and two legs down she needed a base as well.  It took me a long time to figure out what colors her patina should be.  In November of 2012, Mark and I were driving to Ketchum and Sun Valley and were passing through an area of lava fields in Idaho.  What a beautiful place!  There was a plant there (well, lots of this plant), a shrub – it had purplish-red branches and sage colored tops and the contrast of those colors with the black of the volcanic earth was breathtaking.  After looking through the car window – as the miles passed by – I thought;  “ THAT’S IT!! … the colors for “Step High!”  – and name of the patina?   Purple Lava & Sage – of course!    “ Step High!” is 20 inches high and 20 inches from nose to tail and 7 inches deep – she is a limited edition of only 25 pieces."


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