Powder Charge


"Powder Charge" by David V Gonzales is an original acrylic on panel painting that measures 36" tall by 48" wide. The painting is framed in a floating frame. "Powder Charge" is a fantastic example of Gonzales' love for the sport of skiing and his skill in depicting the speed and excitement of a day on the mountain. He paints in an abstracted style with enough elements of realism to make the painting exciting and powerful.

David V. Gonzales is known for his action-packed, colorful paintings of wildlife, sports, and mountain landscapes. We have represented his art since 2014.

For detailed pictures of "Powder Charge" contact us via live chat or email. We will respond very quickly and look forward to helping you with your art collecting. We strive to make it fun and easy to add beautiful art to your home or office.  Use the live chat to confirm which gallery this painting is currently hanging in.

"Powder Charge" is available through our fine art galleries located in Breckenridge and Vail.

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