See Through Other Eyes: Spotted Owl

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This is a bronze casting of an original Yule Marble sculpture. This piece measures 23" Tall by 15" Wide by 17" Deep. It is currently on display in our Breckenridge South art gallery.

From the Artist:

 “See through Other Eyes: Spotted Owl” is the second stone sculpture in my endangered species series. It is only the second sculpture I have chosen to cast in beautiful bronze.


The Northern Spotted Owl is the apex predator (top of the food chain) in old-growth forests. As the forests are being cut down, the habitat of the Spotted Owl is disappearing, and consequently, so are the Spotted Owls.

This owl is the “canary in the coal mine” for old-growth forests.  Its disappearance is an indication that the entire ecosystem is failing due to the over-cutting of trees. Saving the Spotted Owl means saving the old-growth forests.

An Outdoor Adventure

This sculpture is my first piece intended for outdoor display. This is exciting for me as I would like to make more outdoor sculptures.

An Interactive Experience

“See through Other Eyes: Spotted Owl” is designed as an interactive peek-through experience.

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