James G. Moore

Artist James G. Moore Bronze Bell and Vessel Sculptures of WildlifeJames G. Moore was born in Fort Collins, Colorado. He was the second child of a family of six, born to parents who worked hard to expose all of their children to the wonders of the world through regular trips to the mountains, library, museums, church and other places of faith and learning. Moore spent countless hours working with his father in his wood shop and was encouraged to pursue creative endeavors from an early age. He completed his first work in bronze, titled “Eagle Kachina,” when he was only 16 years old. Art was by far his favorite subject throughout his childhood. He was enamored with making noise too.

Today, Moore carries on his love affair with sound through his signature bell sculptures. His pieces are beautiful, functional and musical all at once. Moore spent some time in the Navy, which exposed him to the world and continued his journey to finding his well-developed niche in the art world. He served in Iraq in the early 1990’s and traveled to the South Pacific upon the end of Operation Desert Storm. It was in Asia that Moore was intimately introduced to the huge temple bells and serene Zen gardens that dot the countries in the Far East.

Moore created his first bronze bell in 1994. He says, “I started thinking about how bells are something found in all cultures, whether they are ringing to gather together people for worship, school, celebrations, or to warn them about danger.” Moore draws upon his love for sound, his appreciation for the unique and his fondness for the outdoors to inspire his artwork. His desire to create objects of lasting beauty has seen bronze long stand as his medium of choice. His work brings together his love of nature and for people and cultures from around the world. The imagery on his sculpture blends Eastern abstract aesthetics with the wildlife found around his Colorado home. Bringing joy to those fortunate to experience his artwork, both visually and auditorily, and glory to the creator of all things remains his mission.

Career highlights for Moore include earning a Masters in Education, placing permanent monumental sculptures in half a dozen Colorado communities, seeing his work featured in Vail, Colorado’s Art in Public Places program, having his work collected throughout the world and more.

Moore’s faith plays a central role in every aspect of his life. The mix of his environment and the influence of worldly past experiences has elevated his art work to a level of excellence that makes it stand out as unique, inspired and beautiful in both form and sound.