All That The Rain Promises


"All That The Rain Promises" by  Allison Leigh Smith is an original oil on aluminum that measures 24" tall by 24" wide.  The framed size is 35.4" by 35.4"

From Allison:  This little one lives in the shrubbery that surrounds our home. We adore her and look after her. She is so calm that I have to check for her and herd her into hiding before I let my dog out. “Go on now, skedaddle,” we’re always calling to her. So now her name is Skedaddle. We had an especially good summer a couple years back with healthy rain for our dry region and I collected a lot of reference that was waiting for the right painting. Summer rain, dew, and wildflowers seemed a fitting oasis for Skedaddle. “All the Rain Promises” is a mushroom guide book that I always felt had such a poetic name, and since the rain promises plenty for the wildlife, I passed it on to this piece.

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"All That The Rain Promises" is available through our fine art galleries located in Breckenridge and Vail.

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