This piece measures 19" tall by 14" in diameter. It is a limited edition bronze sculpture series of 9. The top piece is balanced on the base and spins.  The bottom of the piece is the script Chinese character for "heart/mind" and the top is the symbol for "now." See the video below for the piece in motion.

In many modern cultures, there is a heart-mind dichotomy which expresses the heart as the center for emotions and the brain as the origin of thought. However, traditional Chinese culture views the heart as the organ of both emotion and thought -- it is the center of a person's intellectual, mental, and emotional being. The written character for heart can be interpreted as heart, mind, or spirit, and is a key foundation that words involving emotion and thinking are built upon. When present, the character for heart encompasses feelings and ideas, as both are processes that evolve within the heart. In translation, the piece Mindfulness means "the practice of recognizing where your heart is now."

This sculpture is currently on display in our Breckenridge art gallery.

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