The Sushe Felix Interview October 02 2019, 0 Comments

Colorado artist Sushe Felix

We recently we had the opportunity to sit down with Colorado artist Sushe Felix to get an inside look on what life is like as a full-time artist in Denver.

What Projects have you been working on recently?

Sushe: Replacing sold artwork! I am just continuing to replenish the sold artwork from this summer’s sales!

Do you create every single day? What does your schedule typically look like? 

Sushe: I would say yes. Tracy (Artist Husband) and I are in our studios every single day unless something strange comes up. We eat lunch early and then start working. I like to take an afternoon walk, and then more painting! After dinner is when I like to draw in my sketchbook with pencils. That is where all my paintings originate and begin. As I draw, I figure out the light and darks and the composition of my next painting.

Did you go to art school? 

I received a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Arizona State University in Tempe. I went there doing pastel drawings and realized that I needed to evolve into painting. Throughout college I did both; I continued my pastel work as well as painting. After college in Colorado Springs, I met Eric Bransby and started working on murals with him. I found college to be frustrating at times, especially with professors who were not interactive. I learned more from Eric.

Were you born an artist, or did you become one?

I was born an artist. As far back as I can remember I have always loved to create. Whether it was paint by number, clay, anything; I just loved to create. In Colorado Springs, where I grew up, I went to Bemis Art School at the age of 5 and continued for several decades. My older sister and I were both the artists in the family.

Do you have any hobbies outside of the art world?

I wish I could say I did, but painting is about it. I use to play music and took guitar and piano lessons, but now it’s all about the art. I do walk every day through a nice park that is only a couple of blocks away from our home. I get some wonderful views of the sky, pond, birds, the weather coming in, trees, and nature. Just walking in general or our road trips throughout the Southwest helps me find inspiration.

Is there anything you want to share with aspiring artists?

Never give up! Eric Bransby taught me that. You must never stop working and pursuing your passion. Sometimes you will be rejected and slammed but get back up. If you really want to do it keep trying and find the joy in it. If you keep trying, eventually you will succeed. If it makes you happy to do it, do it regardless of how far you get. Just do it and be happy, what the heck.

Sushe's work is on display in both our Breckenridge and Vail fine art galleries.  

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