Judy Greenan

Boulder Colorado Artist Judy Greenan

  Judy Greenan was born in Canada into a family of professional artists.  She has resided in Colorado since 1984. Her studies took her to the University of Colorado where she received a bachelor’s degree.  In pursuing her career as an artist she studied at the Art Students League of Denver for 5 years.

  In 2000 Judy graduated from Quang Ho’s Master Class at the League and began her career as a professional painter.  She loves Colorado and has lived with her husband in Boulder for 35 years. She has Vincent and Theo Van Dogh and Rosie which are her studio dogs.

  Her paintings are in many homes and businesses across the nation.  Judy has had three successful one woman shows and has been featured in multiple venues. Her works have been showcased in publications such as American Cowboy and Southwest Art. On three separate occasions Southwest Art recognized her talent: once in “ The Best of the West” for a solo show; again in “ Hot Trends in the Arts”, and once more in “Capturing the New West”.  It has been said that her paintings are exciting; they evoke a warmth and spirit that turns a house into a home.

Artist Statement :”I am a Colorado artist. My goal is to create a beautiful design and a heartfelt image as that always pushes me and excites me as a painter. I love exploring the elements of fine art: shape, value, color, line, texture and edges. My Inner Landscapes are the outgrowth of my discovery as I vary and explore the effects of gradations on these elements. I always paint with my heart wide open to what I think is beautiful while taking my viewer on a journey into the light. I am passionate about light and color -- I enjoy layering paint to see what I can create with regard to color, depth of field, texture and a glow of light. Along the journey, I am compelled to challenge myself, take risks and elicit an uplifting, peaceful, heartfelt response.  I want my Inner Landscapes to create a safe harbor where our innermost being can rest and be nourished with light, peace, and beauty.”

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