The Frontiers Collection - New Spiritiles by Houston Llew June 06 2017, 0 Comments

Houston Llew released a brand new collection of Spiritiles! The Frontiers Collection features three new Spiritiles with a frontier adventure theme. Read on to explore Houston's story on this fantastic new release.
Houston Llew Spiritiles Frontiers Collection

The Story

Embarking on new journeys are always nerves-fueled, "will-it-work?" adventures.

The Journey

As an artist, I've seen my fair share of trailblazing and risk-taking, and this will always, always be the question: But what will happen?
203 - In the Air Spiritile
203 - 'In the Air' - Everyone has oceans to fly... Is it reckless? Maybe. But What do dreams know of boundaries? - Amelia Earhart

Journey with me for a moment... put in some headphones and start up the song "Ecstasy of Gold" from Clint Eastwood's The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly.

Really listen to it.

Now imagine that endeavor you're on the brink of taking.
204 - Round the Bend Spiritile by Houston Llew
204 - 'Round the Bend' - "I Hear the Train a Comin' It's Rolling 'round the Bend." - Johnny Cash

OK, so let's picture you're now on the track of your endeavor - and like in 'Folsom Prison Blues' - you've hit a few bumps, you've been stumped by a few setbacks, but that train of life keeps running, and you can roll around that bend or you can stay where you are; but where's the fun in standing at the station?
205 - On the Road Spiritile by Houston Llew
205 - 'On the Road' - "Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road." - Jack Kerouac

Now let's get back on the road. At some point, you'll laugh, knowing that no matter the twists and turns, the embarkations, the bumps, the stunning views, whenever or wherever your adventure, you'll always find the road is life.
This summer, find yourself - lost - found - in that moment, in the gift of whatever is your frontier. Pursue it. Take the risk.

You have oceans yet to fly.

- Houston Llew

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