Sushe Felix

The work of Sushe Felix involves a combination of her ongoing interest in the American Regionalist and Modernist Art Movements from the 1930’s and 40’s, and her desire to find new and different ways in which to depict the rhythms of life and the natural flow of motion found in nature.

Felix finds enjoyment in creating brilliant and rich areas of layered color using paint, collage and other various mediums.

Ultimately each painting becomes a unique experience to create and an expression which Felix feels is not only beautiful, but something which also allows for an intelligent communication with the viewer. Felix wishes to instill in her work a sense of joy along with a feeling of mystery and playfulness and hopes it brings the same to those who view it.

Although the work is very abstract, Felix thinks of it as being symbolic of the natural world. In each piece she strives to create an orderly composition of both geometric and organic form. Felix works in acrylic and likes to add different types of texture and various hand-painted papers and foils to selected areas to attract light and add visual interest. Movement is achieved by repeating forms, shapes, and differing directions of line. In essence, Felix is striving to find new and different ways in which to depict the natural rhythms of life and nature.

As a native of Colorado, Felix feels her work is all about the brilliant color, dramatic forms and shapes, and the intense lights and darks of the American Southwest. Her work is featured in the collection of the Denver Art Museum, Kirkland Museum, Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, and many more prestigious collections.


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