Custom Dog Sculptures

Our artist DD LaRue is famous for her Dog in a VW Door Sculptures. Her work is included in important collections throughout the world. Portraits of specific dogs or cats (and even other animals) can be sculpted in many different poses and forms, including the VW Door wall sculptures.

A few things to consider if you wish to commission a sculpture of your dog(s), cat(s) or other animals:

1. These are one-of-a-kind originals. Prices will vary due to the many different sizes, poses, hair treatment, props or additions, and other factors that may require extra time. A deposit of half the estimated price is accepted as an initial payment. This is required to schedule your commission.

2. SEND GOOD PICTURES! The artist can only capture what the pictures show. Front and side views to show all angles and markings are very helpful – otherwise the artist will have to guess! Make certain the colorings of the furry friends in the photos are consistent. Different light conditions and cameras can make significant differences in how the color of the animal looks. The color shown in the photos will be the color in the sculpture.
Email pictures to

3. Art is not an exact science; while there is a high degree of accuracy in capturing the essence and look of the animal, these are portraits meant to capture an impression and are not intended to have a look of exact duplication.

4. Time frame runs 9-12 months on average but given the demand for DD's work sculptures can take up to a year to complete. Unlike some other artists DD has no studio assistants. Every piece is created entirely by her and entirely by hand. The time frame will depend on the complexity of the piece and how busy the artist is at the time. Special orders for special deadlines (birthdays, holidays, etc.) will be accommodated whenever possible. We will clearly communicate the time frame for your sculpture.

5. Call 970-476-4883 (Vail) or 970-547-8399 (Breckenridge) to reserve your custom piece.

Click here to place a deposit on your dog in a door piece! Please contact us to discuss a custom free-standing piece.