"Beyond" is a one-of-a-kind triptych painting by Chris Lundy, measuring 48" tall by 96" wide across the 3 panels.

Lundy fuses many resin paints and sculpted glass together to provide his work with a wonderful amount of luminosity and depth. 

"Beyond" is a magnificent artwork that boldly explores the intricacies of the cosmos, with its vast expanse and complex arrangement of planetary systems and stars, alluding to the idea of a seemingly infinite Multiverse. This captivating piece is comprised of two distinct sections, each representing a unique perspective of our relationship with the cosmos. The lower portion of the painting symbolizes the tangible universe as we know it, capturing the way our minds interpret the vast space beyond Earth, as well as the distant stars we can see with our naked eye.

However, as one's gaze is lifted towards the upper half of the paint ng, an ethereal aura of light takes over, presenting the viewer with an intangible realm that transcends the physical world. This divine realm of pure consciousness, pure divinity, and pure light, signifies the infinite possibilities of existence and perfection that exist beyond our sensory perceptions. "Beyond" offers a stunning representation of the energies of divinity, encapsulating the spiritual essence that carries all colors and represents physical existence in energetic form, a dance of color and light that beautifully encapsulates the flow of energy through the divine universe.

This sublime piece serves as a symbol of immaculate reflection, portraying divinity incarnate as light, a powerful representation of the artist's vision of the cosmos. Its extraordinary composition, coupled with the exquisite color scheme, exudes an otherworldly aura that beckons the viewer to immerse themselves in its magnificence and contemplate the infinite possibilities that lie beyond the veil of our physical realm. "Beyond" is a true masterpiece, a testament to the power of art in elevating our minds and souls towards the divine.

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Chris Lundy's work is available through our contemporary fine art galleries located in Breckenridge and Vail, Colorado.

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