Eya, the West Wind


From Alvis: "Wind is part of our family out here on the Northeastern plains of Colorado where Mark and I live now after the House Horse Series was imagined at our city home in Fort Collins.  We have real horses living all around us and our own cows, chickens, dogs and of course, Phoebe Mae Kittenhead is here too.  The wind is a frequent companion out here on the prairie.  One day not long ago I was reading about the Lakota people who have a legend that explains the founding of the four directions, and the name of the West wind is Eya. I thought – what a beautiful way to honor this aspect of the environment we live in! I have named each horse in this series for the Lakota directions of the blowing winds. 

"Eya" measures 17 inches tall by 4 inches wide by 14 inches long.

This beautiful bronze sculpture is on display in our Breckenridge fine art gallery. 

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