Out Of The Boat


"Out Of The Boat" measures 10" Tall by 16" Wide by 2.5" Deep. Clay is known for his uplifting and inspirational themed sculptures.

Notions and philosophies about faith are one thing, but how do we respond when we are invited to step out of the boat? 


While his companions display emotions ranging from surprise and disbelief to confusion and disapproval, this modern-day Peter steps out on the water in cautious confidence to attempt the impossible.  Translating a Biblical theme into contemporary, sculptural form and language is one of my passions. My desire is for the viewer to be able to identify with the truth that transcends any religious context. There will always be the ardent naysayers and the prudent keepers of convention that forewarn against attempts at the extraordinary, but as Peter demonstrates, faith requires action. You cannot walk on water if you never get out of the boat. The tension created in the composition between balance and instability echo the idea of risking the unconventional.

This bronze and glass piece is on display in our Breckenridge south fine art gallery.

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