From Alvis: “Watch!” was imagined next to the front door in front of the long narrow window beside the door – as though she had just run down the hallway and slid to a stop right in front of the window so she could have a look outside.  While sculpting her, I would place her back in her spot in front of that window while she was drying. Phoebe-Mae Kittenhead Alvis, our Maine Coon Cat, liked the view out that window, so she would bat “Watch!” away from the window-sending the fragile original sculpture flying across the floor! Bad kitten!" 

“Watch!” stands 20″ high x 24″ long from tail to nose and is 8″ wide.  Her patina is Orobico Smoke & Cream. Watch!” is a very limited edition of only 15 bronzes!  

This piece is sold out, with each edition cast and residing in private collections.

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