Kay Stratman Interview March 26 2020, 0 Comments

Kay Stratman artist represented by Raitman Art Gallery with located in Breckenridge and Vail Colorado

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jackson Hole-based artist Kay Stratman to ask her a few questions about life as an artist in the Rocky Mountains.  Kay's work is currently on display in our Breckenridge north art gallery.

1) What projects are you working on currently?

My most recent efforts were to create a full body of work for a solo exhibit at Raitman Art Galleries that was to open March 20. However, it will now have to be rescheduled. So I created a flipbook catalog of all the works at Raitman that were to be in the show. That was a new skill I taught myself from scratch. Here is the link if you’d like to share it:


I have had a new series in mind for some time that I will finally begin: landscape views from all directions of my mountain town neighborhood. There are many beautiful views in every direction without even having to leave the neighborhood. I usually have my camera along with me on daily dog walks in order to take reference photos.

Spring Green watercolor mountain lake landscape painting artist Kay Stratman

2) Do you create every single day? What does your schedule typically look like? 

I would LIKE to create every day. But realistically there is bookkeeping, marketing, networking that needs attention also. I probably paint 4 out of 7 days. Busy work gets done in the morning and serious painting in the afternoon. I do not paint in the evening or at night, as I am never satisfied with the work that I do after dark.

3) Did you go to art school?

Yes. I went to Minnesota State University - Moorhead and received a BA in Art. My concentration was graphic design, in which I worked for about 13 years. After I left graphic design, because I had little interest in computers as a tool, I focused on fine art. It took many years to develop my own style - my unique “thumbprint."

Breckenridge Ski Resort watercolor painting artist Kay Stratman

4) Were you born an artist, or did you become one?

I think I was hard-wired to become an artist. My mother had intended to be an art teacher before she had children, and both of my brothers are artists in various graphic media. I always drew, painted, potted, photographed, silk-screened; experimenting with many mediums before I settled most definitely on watercolor.

5) Do you have any hobbies outside of the art world?

I hike, camp, fish, raft and foster rescue dogs with my husband. 

The Mountains are calling and I must go mountain landscape painting artist Kay Stratman

6) Is there anything you want to share with aspiring artists?

Practice your art all the time. Embrace your successes. Experiment. Learn from your flops. Develop your OWN style and vision.

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Wolf Moon mountain landscape painting by artist Kay Stratman