Evan Seeling

Evan grew up in the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado and was raised as a skier and extreme sports athlete. During his junior year of High School he met glass artist John Hudnut at The Gather House and began to assist him at his studio learning the basics of glass blowing. As he became immersed in the craft he quickly learned that this was not just a past time for him, it had evolved into a passion.

In the fall of 2008, to further his education in glass blowing, Evan was accepted into Hastings College in Nebraska where he studied glass blowing under Studio Art Professor Tom Kreager. At the end of his junior year in 2011, Evan received an opportunity to work for Richard Jolley in Knoxville, Tennessee. For two years he assisted Jolley and his team with the production of his personal artwork, and the undertaking of a large glass and metal installation at the Knoxville Museum of Art. Thereafter, Evan went on to assist Eddie Bernard at Oxbow School of Craft in Saugatuck, Michigan and in August of 2013 he returned to Hastings College to complete his final year of undergraduate studies.

In the spring of 2014, Evan graduated with his Bachelors Degree in Studio Art and a minor in Art History. All of these experiences, both enriching and difficult, lead him to take a deep dive into the world of glass. He found his place amongst like minded artists within the glass blowing community at Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington. Not only was Evan able to be fully immersed in his passion, but was able to fine tune technique, collaborate with others and assist in the hot shop for two sessions.

From September of 2014 to September of 2020, Evan assisted glass artists Kit Karbler and Dmitri Rudenko at Blake Street Glass Studio in Denver, Colorado. Evan was able to improve his gaffing and cold working skills and traveled along side both of them in juried shows around the country. In addition, he used time off to work intermittent sessions at Pilchuck Glass School and Penland School of Craft in Penland, North Carolina.

In September of 2020, Evan was hired to assist Sam Stang and Kaeko Maehata at Augusta Glass Studio in Augusta, Missouri. Over the past two years he has been able to refine the process of his art and see himself as not only an artist but a craftsman. This opportunity at Augusta Glass Studio continues to provide Evan with an innovative space to create glass art that is a reflection of his past, present and future.

I have been blowing glass for over 15 years and my inspiration comes from both traditional European techniques and mid-century design. I have assisted a number of world renowned glass artists that continue to shape and inspire my current work today.  I use a variety of color, murrini, cane and cold work to create functional and non-functional pieces of art.

I am passionate about the process and technicality of glass blowing. Over the years I have worked hard to master the skills necessary to bring my designs to fruition. Glass blowing is a meditative practice for me and has molded my character and sense of self over the years. Glass is a unique medium with endless possibilities that keeps me engaged and devoted to this line of work.

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