Do I Have Good Taste in Art? May 01 2020, 0 Comments

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is a phrase we hear a lot, yet this phrase is often forgotten when we observe or collect art. We can get lost in the space between wondering if there is good or bad art. You may have stood in front of a painting and tried not to roll your eyes or laugh. Other times you may find yourself entranced by a piece everyone is walking past without a second glance. This can lead you to wonder, do I have good taste in art?

One exciting and compelling aspect of art is that it’s subjective, but context helps you understand it. Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting before he died, yet he is regarded as one of the greatest artists of all time. When Marc Chagall presented his works at the French Salons, they were categorized as “Fauvist” which directly translates to “wild beasts,” reflecting how poorly received his work was at the time. You would not be alone in wondering what all the fuss over Pablo Picasso is for. In fact, art can often seem out of place or downright weird. If you are feeling lost in the world of art, it is helpful to learn more about it! "The Story of Art" by E.H. Gombrich is one of the best comprehensive and easy to read books you can find about the history of art. The same idea is important to consider with contemporary art and your art consultant is your best resource for learning more! 

One of the basic considerations in art is aesthetics, which varies from person to person and artist to artist. Aesthetics relates to the personal reaction the viewer has with a work of art, it is as personal and unique as your thumbprint. On the other hand, the critique of an artwork does not focus on if it is “good or bad” but rather how successful a work of art is in regard to the principals of art and design. These non-opinion based critiques take out all personal opinions and feelings. When collecting, follow your own aesthetic values, but don’t be afraid to also view the pieces you do not like in a critical way. We guarantee you will appreciate it more! It is easy to walk into a gallery and scoff, but we challenge you to spend even more time in front of the artwork that challenges you. The more you learn and the more you see will lead to appreciation, even if it’s not your cup of tea.

There is thankfully one simple answer to the question of if you have good taste in art - yes! It is important to view art with an open mind, as it is often designed to make us question and look deeper. It is even more important to trust yourself as the art you collect will be seen every day in your home, so you better love it! As hard as it is, it is essential to remove the worries of what others will think when collecting. Collecting artwork is an immensely personal investment as it will reflect your personality, what you value, and how you see the world. Never collect art you think you “should” buy, instead collect the artwork you simply can not live without!

To be honest, we'll hesitate to sell you a piece if we sense that you are on the fence with it. We'd rather work harder to find you something you absolutely love. And the key is, only you know if you love it. We'll always filter out art that is not absolutely fantastic, so when you visit our galleries in person or online you can rest assured that the art is all really good. We will never kid ourselves into thinking you will love everything in our galleries, but we'll be flattered if that is the case. There is one person who gets to decide what art you like and that person is you! When you buy the art you love, you have fun and we are here to help with just that.


Raitman Art Galleries in Vail and Breckenridge, Colorado. David Gonzales, Tracy Felix, Marty Goldstein, Petras Lukosias