Collecting Sculpture May 08 2020, 0 Comments

As an art lover, chances are you may be thinking “I am low on wall space, I need to not collect anything else.” However, being low on wall space offers you the exciting chance and every reason to find the perfect sculpture! For many art lovers, collecting sculpture is not often considered when looking to add a new piece but there are many exciting reasons to add sculpture to your art collection. By their very nature, sculptures give the viewer a complete 360-degree experience and a chance to interact with the artwork itself. Sculptures also offer the confidence of easy placement in the home and the ability to be moved whenever desired. With unlimited subject matter, mediums, sizes, and styles, the wide world of sculpture is an adventure for every art lover to explore.  

Sculpture, especially bronzes, are safe to touch and move throughout your home (use a buddy if it’s heavy!). This added benefit to sculpture allows you to move your art around with ease to transform the new space it will occupy. Coffee tables, mantels, the floor, or any flat surface of your home is a chance to add beauty in an unexpected way. Sculptures can be created in a wide variety of mediums including stone, wood, glass and metal. Each medium has a different feel with different advantages and should be considered when finding the right sculpture for your home. Your art consultant will guide you in what medium would best suit you and how to ensure your sculpture’s safety and longevity once you bring it home. 

Many sculptures also have fun interactive elements that encourage the viewer to touch, move and enjoy the artwork physically. James G. Moore’s bell sculptures not only add visual beauty but acoustic beauty as well, as their deep tones roll through your space. This fun feature gives you, your friends and family a chance to literally fill your home with art. Casey Horn has a different way to let the viewer interact with his sculptures. Often, Horn makes his sculptures interactive through literal movement, which lets the viewer participate in its visual stimulations. With one small push, several of Horn's sculptures go from being still to being revolving works of art. With these intriguing elements, your sculpture will serve as a serene, fun and interactive centerpiece to your art collection.

The subject matter for sculptures is limitless and ever-evolving with the artist’s creative ingenuity. Representational sculptures lean on tradition, like those of Marianne and Scy Caroselli. Sculptures by this mother and daughter duo bring imagery of sweet memories and a comforting emphasis on the human connection in their lifelike sculptures into your home. Marty Goldstein departs from strict representational sculptures to fun surreal interpretations of his subjects. Goldstein brings Fido to life and captures the charm of our canine friends in a whimsical way. His sculptures bring a smile to every viewer’s face by accentuating features that add spirit to each work of art. Gilberto Romero’s sculptures focus on non-representational and abstract imagery, with deep swooping curves that sometimes perch on natural stone. These abstract compositions allow the viewer’s mind to draw their own conclusions, interpretations and inspirations from each sculpture. Just as in collecting a painting, the subject matter of your sculpture should reflect what you love.. 

Sculpture is as ancient an art form as painting and its relevance in the art world is everlasting and ever-evolving. It can be functional or purely aesthetic. A sculpture can trick you with its realism or amaze you with its freedom. It can take you somewhere specific or inspire you to imagine new places. No matter it’s medium, style, or size, sculpture makes a compelling addition to any art collection and home!



Midnight Breeze Bronze Woman Sculpture by Scy Caroselli

Okaga Bronze Horse Sculpture by Alex Alvis

Lake Dillon Hand-blown Glass Sculpture by Jared and Nicole Davis