A Colorado Landscape in Your Non-Colorado Home May 21 2020, 0 Comments

Fresh mountain air, sunlight hitting the peaks, a meadow of wildflowers, soft fresh snow falling on the trees... if only these things could be bottled up and brought home from Colorado. The natural beauty of Colorado draws people from around the globe and remains irresistible to those who travel here time and time again. Although we can’t deliver fresh snow to Florida, it is possible to take a piece of Colorado home with you! There is no better way to capture the beauty of Colorado than with a landscape painting of one of the many awe-inspiring places we are lucky enough to call home. 

What if your home is not in Colorado, however? Can a mountain landscape really fit into your home in the Texas hill country? Will a painting of the Ten Mile Range look good in your New York City loft? The answer is a resounding YES! Collecting from our travels gifts us with the opportunities to bring memories home with us. What better way to remember your hike up one of Colorado’s famous fourteeners than a painting of that very same peak? The art we place in our homes often brings us back to the happiest moments in our lives. It reminds us of our stories and has the ability to whisk us away from the present and back into the times we spent in the places we long to go back to.

If you are on the fence about collecting a subject matter that does not reflect your home area, consider matching colors rather than imagery. For instance, if your home at the beach has a cool color palette, consider a Colorado landscape that is primarily painted in cool colors. If you feel unsure, ask your art consultant; they are expert interior designers and can help guide you so there is nothing standing in the way of you and the painting you love coming home with you. 

Some art collectors like to stick to a certain theme, while others prefer an eclectic collection with no one clear direction. There is no wrong way to collect art. It is simply important to remember the purpose of collecting art, which is to bring joy and beauty into your life and home. Thankfully and beautifully, art has no regionality when it comes to collecting. Many art collections feature paintings from France, sculptures from Mexico, ceramics from Japan and one of a kind artworks from Colorado. Adding art to your home is a beautiful way to feel connected to the world and to bring back amazing memories of your travels. We have been fortunate to ship art from our galleries to every continent on this earth, outside of Antarctica (if you know of anyone at a research station down there in need of some art, hit us up!).

We put a strong focus on representing many of Colorado's most talented and renowned artists. It is hard to live in Colorado and not feel inspired daily and it is with joy that our artists find ways of conveying our state's natural beauty for us. We take pride in supporting our local artists and sharing their immense talents with our visitors from around the world. We can’t bring Colorado to you, but we can help you bring a piece or three home with you along with all of the magic and stories that come with the art.


Rolinda Stotts Bella Rotta Artwork Mountain and Aspen Painting

Rolinda Stotts on the left and an artist we used to represent on the right. At a home in Georgia. The perfect combination of east coast class and mountain majesty!


Artist Cynthia Duff Canyon Painting on Birch Wood

Cynthia Duff at a home in New York. Colorado colors work everywhere!


Artist Barak Rozenvain Original Mountain Art

This one is in Colorado Springs. A Barak Rozenvain triptych hangs next to a piece our clients brought back from Hawaii, comfortable together with texture and shades of blue!